My Red SA50 M

Are you restoring a Passola, or have you modified one?
Please post your pictures and info in here.
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Re: My Red SA50 M

PostTue May 06, 2014 9:54 pm

Hi Andy.

I've had a look at the electric start ignition barrel and neither of the plugs will fit into the socket on the SA50M wiring loom. The only way would be to rewire it to fit the socket on the loom.

As for flooding, I would check the carburettor's float is moving up and down freely without hitting anything. The float may also have a leak which will cause it to fill with fuel which will then weigh it down causing flooding. Finally, it maybe the float's level. I'll check the manual tomorrow to see if there's any info on setting the height of the float.

Hope this helps
Jim :)

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