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Welcome To Passola Passion

PostTue Dec 31, 2013 6:47 pm

Welcome to www.passolapassion.com - a forum devoted to the Yamaha SA-50 M & ME Passola.

The website and Facebook page have been running two years now, but I thought it was time to setup a forum to help link-up all Passola owners worldwide.

"What's wrong with the Facebook page?" I hear you ask. The main problem is the archiving of information and how pictures are stored. The idea of this forum is to make information and pictures easy to find for all members. Also, a forum is a good place to chat and ask questions directly to other owners.

Things that won't be tolerated are: Racial Abuse, Pornographic Material, Threats or Cyber Bullying. The admin reserve the right to warn or remove members who don't behave themselves.

That's about it really. Let's make this a friendly, helpful and fun forum :D

Thanks for reading & enjoy your stay!

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